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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The Sabah Electronic Government Website is a one-stop destination to obtain online government services and information. The Sabah EG Website enables public services to be accessed at anytime, anywhere and anyhow. It aims to achieve administrative renewal and bring the state closer to its citizens. This initiative will also greatly contribute to the creation of an information-rich society and knowledge-driven economy.
Anyone can access the Sabah EG Website. However, only Sabah state civil servants with government user accounts are allowed to access the online Intranet application services provided within the EG Website.
You can send your enquiries directly to the respective ministries, departments and agencies either by phone, fax or email. Contact details of Ministries, Departments and Agencies are listed under directories within the Sabah EG Website.
You can obtain the available services or information of the respective Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies under directories within this website.
The Sabah EG Website provides you with online government forms in PDF format, which you can view, download or print. At the moment, only limited government form are available from this website. This will gradually increase as more departments will make available their forms online.
The Sabah EG Website has a list of public holidays for Sabah under calendar. The Calendar also has a listing of upcoming events compiled from various ministries, departments and agencies.
Yes. You are required to complete an online job application form provided in this website and submit it by pressing the Submit button.
Current Sabah State Government job openings are posted under Job Online. You can view the job positions that are currently open, who is eligible to apply, job descriptions and salary range for each opening.
You can lodge your complaint by using the online Public Compliant form by giving your accurate and complete information when filling in the form.
If you cannot find the information or services that you need, please contact Sabah State IT Advancement Division, Ministry of Resource Development and IT or email to
We always look for ways to improve the Sabah EG Website and welcome your feedbacks. Please send in your feedback by filling up the available feedback form with your comments and suggestions.