Kata Alu-Aluan daripada Ketua Menteri

YAB Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman’s Welcome Message

Welcome to this website, set up to help you get latest information on what we are doing here in Sabah to place our State at par with other developed states in Malaysia. I hope you will use links to State-led Ministries and Departments to find out more about what we are doing to make Sabah a better place to live in.

Sabah has over the years grown not only in terms of infrastructure development. We have seen a steady rise in economic growth, human capital development and we have also placed emphasis on bridging the urban-rural divide, lowering poverty levels in this long and difficult process. Sabah continues to face challenge in making sure that we are able to improve livelihoods, and we remain steadfast in our promise to bring progress to those who really need it.

When I was entrusted in 2003 with helming Sabah’s administration, the Sabah State Government introduced the Halatuju, or development agenda. We outlined three engines of growth – agriculture, tourism and manufacturing – which are all on track to place Sabah on the world map. We have already seen a rise in tourist arrivals and also in the types of infrastructure needed to boost the sector. We remain an important bastion for agriculture, while manufacturing is seeing interest from local and foreign investors through a number of trade shows and international conferences we have held here in Sabah.

The Federal Government of Malaysia has continued to focus on our needs in Sabah, and billions have been allocated to fund development initiatives. Strong Federal-State relations have helped Sabah improve its standing in the country, despite its capital Kota Kinabalu being far away from Kuala Lumpur. An important move that the Federal Government took was the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) that was launched in January 2008. I am also pleased to share with you that the 18-year SDC will be implemented across the State in three sub-regions – western, central and eastern – to ensure balanced social and economic development. The more developed western region will continue to serve as Sabah’s industrial hub and tourism gateway while the central region will focus on agriculture and food production. The eastern sub-region which is home to much of Sabah’s biodiversity and oil palm plantations will focus on eco-tourism, palm oil and biomass industries and aquaculture. The east coast town of Sandakan will be developed into an education hub to continue meeting human resource needs.

We also remain mindful of the fact that we are endowed with some of the most globally important flora and fauna. As a state that is leading in terms of managing our rainforests and other precious natural resources through the establishment of wildlife and forest reserves and state parks, we have put on record our priority in ensuring sustainable development through environmental conservation. This is one of three key principles that will guide the implementation of the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) which was launched in January this year. By striking a balance between development and caring for the environment, we aim to make Sabah one of the most liveable places in this part of the world, given its strategic location, natural resources, diverse cultural offerings, heritage and clean environment, at the end of the SDC period in 2025.

I must also take this opportunity to inform you that Sabah enjoys a stable political climate, an important factor in luring investment. This is strengthened with strong ties we share with the Federal Government of Malaysia. Sabah is not only a safe place for investment, it is also a state blessed with nature’s wonders making us an increasingly attractive destination for tourists from around the globe. We are home to Mount Kinabalu, listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, globally known conservation sites like Danum Valley and Maliau Basin, and countless islands including Sipadan Island which is a marine treasure trove. In addition, our people are warm, and we are always hospitable to our guests.

I hope you will gain from surfing this website.

Thank you.